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Innovus TTO works with and supports SU staff and students to identify, protect, manage and commercialise their inventions and intellectual property for the benefit of society.

We work closely with faculty to identify novel intellectual property that can be used in industry or society. We then determine the best strategy to protect the intellectual property so that the commercial opportunities can be effectively developed.

Innovus TTO enables the commercialisation of SU’s IP which normally takes place through licensing the IP to a commercial entity or creation of a spin-out company in which both the inventors and SU have shareholding (through its wholly-owned company that was established for this purpose). Our team implement various programs to encourage a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship at SU and we ensure compliance with the Intellectual Property Rights from Publicly Financed Research and Development Act (51 of 2008) its Regulations and the SU policies relating to IP.

SU LaunchLab works closely with the TTO Office team to provide a seamless service to Stellenbosch University (SU) Entrepreneurs.

Provides the following services to the SU Entrepreneurial community:

  • Student entrepreneurship
  • New Company Creation and Onboarding
  • Portfolio Company Support
  • USE Portfolio reporting and Fund Management

Provides entrepreneurial mindset workshops to make student entrepreneurship more accessible, Faculty specific bootcamps to give students the tools to become entrepreneurs in their field of study, SU Hackathon to address real industry opportunities, EDHE Intervarsity to give SU student entrepreneurs (MatiePreneurs) a national platform to showcase their businesses, and ResNova which is an incubation programme designed with MatiePreneurs in mind.

For new company creation and Onboarding, the Instant Startup platform, which offers interactive, guided entrepreneurship education to teams is an essential tool. The Onboarding team are responsible for setting up new spin-out companies. They ensure good corporate governance and practices within the SU group of companies by creating compliance-based mindsets and practices. They upskill our directors and CEOs by training them how to be a responsible director. They also facilitate the drafting of the Memorandum of Incorporation (MOI) and Shareholders Agreement (SHA) that keeps the unique spin-out situation in mind.

Also provides ongoing portfolio company support by managing relationships with vetted external partners and suppliers to SU and provides company secretarial services with limited administrative support. Negotiate discounts with several relevant service providers on behalf of the SU group of companies. Additionally, for spin-out companies, the Spin-out Concierge desk provides ongoing services to new and pre-spin-out companies. Some of these services included setting up accounting software, opening of bank accounts, accounting processing, and payroll management. The Concierge can assist the spin-out companies with branding, website, and logo design and many other relevant services.

Incubation programmes using Instant Startup is a key service to help commercial projects go through the process of being approved to spin-out, raise initial pre-seed or angel funding, and compile a dataroom that will help them raise their first Series Seed funding.

Portfolio companies also receive precision incubation services, access to an impressive network of mentors, as well as engagements with dozens of industry partners that frequently approach SU LaunchLab for new innovative companies.

SU LaunchLab supports the USE team in reporting on the USE portfolio of companies as well as the various funds that SU has at its disposal to support our current and future portfolio of companies.

  • Residential Services – providing accommodation to 8000 students
  • Catering and Compliance – providing between 15-17 000 meals per day
  • Transport Services
  • Rental Office (student centers and long-term rental)
  • Botanical Garden
  • Copy Print & Courier Services

32 Companies
University Shops | Film shoots
Conferencing and Events | Gradlinc
Matie Gymnasium

(USE) is SU’s wholly-owned company that holds and manages the institution’s shareholding in the SU’s group of companies. USE has its own board of directors with non-executive independent directors (highly successful business leaders) as well as representatives from the university. The company’s Board of Directors governs the strategy, the business actions and operations of USE and its entities. The Board is also mandated by the Rectorate to provide strategic guidance to I&C.

Factory 209 (Pty) Ltd, a company in the SU group of companies, is the commercial arm of SunCom and commercialises a number of initiatives on behalf of SU in a more agile and business friendly environment. Factory 209 is the home of the five Matie Shops (the three shops in the Neelsie, the Tygerberg Student Center, the SU Botanical Garden and the online and mobile shops), as well as the Central Events and Conference Office (CECO), Guest Accommodation and Gradlinc. CECO manages short term rental, photo shoots and events and conferences on our campus. Guest Accommodation manages the SU guest apartments as well as visiting groups who stay in our residences during recess periods. Gradlinc is a platform to provide access to graduate talent for employers and provide support to students to prepare a CV, practice for interviews and gain access to internships and employment.

A non-profit organisation and proud initiative of I&C, works very closely with I&C and specifically the LaunchLab to actively create networks and to link academics, students, not for profit organisations, large and small companies, the Municipality and various other stakeholders in Stellenbosch.
I&C has the sole mandate from SU to, in consultation with affected faculties and PASS environments, manage and commercialise all business opportunities of SU including the use of facilities.

This division operates in compliance with SU policies and regulations and is also the custodian of the following SU Policies and Regulations:

  • Protection and Commercialisation of Intellectual Property Policy of Stellenbosch University(PCIPP)
  • Policy in Respect of the Presentation of Short Courses at Stellenbosch University;
  • Policy in Respect of the Use and Licensing of Stellenbosch University’s Trademarks;
  • Short Term Rental Policy;
  • Innovus regulations for the internal innovation fund (R777); and
  • Regulations for Commercialisation at SU.
  • Longer Term Rental Policy
  • Mobility Plan
  • Regulations for addressing intellectual property infringement and non-compliance of SU’s PCIPP
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