Entrepreneurship at Innovus

Increasing the entrepreneurial culture across Stellenbosch University campus is of great importance to successfully create and sustain an innovative knowledge region in the greater Stellenbosch area.  It is the goal of Innovus Technology Transfer Office and the Stellenbosch University LaunchLab’ to increase the amount of quality ideas entering their business development and support programmes by providing entrepreneurship support and creating an innovation culture among the students across all faculties at Stellenbosch University.

Entrepreneurship Boot Camp

The Technology Transfer Office hosts an annual Entrepreneurship Boot Camp.  
The boot camp focuses on the business model canvas and the growth wheel which are the tools used for start-ups and young entrepreneurs.  We guide the entrepreneurs in understanding the concepts behind the Value Proposition, Customer Segment, Pricing Model, and Breakeven point for a business.    We invite industry experts and start-ups to talk to our entrepreneurs and advise them on their entrepreneurial journey.   
The aim of the boot camp is to foster an entrepreneurial spirit on campus and to create entrepreneurial awareness.  These activities lead to valuable educational experiences for students which augment classroom teachings and enhance the “Stellenbosch experience” for the student community. 

Last Friday pitching session

As young entrepreneurs we understand that sometimes you just need some support and useful advice.  We invite SU entrepreneurs to a pitching session on the last Friday of every month.  At this session, you are allowed to pitch your idea to the technology transfer team and we will try our best to give you advice on the areas of your business which needs support.  

Translational Fellow Programme

Universities are some of the leading innovation and talent creation engines in the country. Stellenbosch University (SU) established the Translational Fellow Programme (TFP) to tap into this pool of talent and innovation resulting from the world-class research at the institution to empower recent graduates to become entrepreneurs while translating research outputs into innovative new businesses.