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Innovation to market is the journey of the Technology Transfer process.  Converting scientific findings from research institutions and universities into marketable products with the help of the private sector.

Basic research results on which technology development is based require further development to be economically relevant and of use to industry and the general public.

This process usually requires large amounts of funding and a long-term commitment from investors .

The transfer process can involve the establishments of new companies (spin-out companies/start-ups) and various forms of collaboration between universities, research organizations, industry partners and specialized TT funds which could be acquired through research contracts, licensing or sale of intellectual property.

In South Africa commercialiation of publicly funded research is governed by the IPR Act which mandated the establishment of the TTO.  Innovus, is the established TTO of Stellenbosch University.

The TTO is continuously in search  for funding for projects, technology development or investment into the young start-up companies.

Development funding is typically required for:

  • Initial proof of concept
  • Product, Process (comprehensive technology package) and Prototype development
  • Sourcing of IP/legal opinions
  • Production of market samples and/or associated testing, analytical data and method development and specification sheet development
  • Refining and implementing designs
  • Conducting field trial studies
  • Piloting and scale-up and techno-economic evaluation
  • Detailed primary market research, or specialist consulting
  • Business Plan Development
  • Purchase of project-specific equipment only, up to R30 000 in value, provided that the Chief Director of Innovus has approved it upon the motivation provided by the project leader.
  • Remuneration of students and technicians as technical assistants.

Raising Capital from Investors

The TTO also facilitates and actively seeks fund-raising activities of venture capital, private equity and similar alternative investment funds.

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