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Nanosene (Pty) Ltd

Nanosene is the first bespoke polymer supplier from Africa, creating sustainable research solutions across the globe. At Nanosene, we design and supply polymers intended for membrane protein research.

For researchers and drug developers to create and discover new therapeutics to treat diseases such as obesity, depression or even cancer, they need to be able to study and understand proteins embedded in the cell membrane. These membrane proteins (MPs) play an essential role in regulating physiological processes, therefore they are considered prime therapeutic targets for almost 70 % of FDA-approved drugs. The effective isolation of MPs can be cumbersome, hampering the design of effective therapeutics for diseases.

Nanosene’s technology produces polymers that act as indispensable tools for the solubilization of fully intact and functional MPs in nanoscale discs. This nanodisc technology offers researchers the unprecedented opportunity to access some of the most valued proteins in a biologically active state, which in some cases, was an impossible task only a decade ago.

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