Technology Description

PhenoLAB is a web-based application for phenolic analyses in red grapes, fermenting samples and in wines. The platform provides users with the ability to generate, interpret, benchmark and store phenolic data in real time.
Follow the phenolic evolution during grape ripening, monitor extraction during fermentation and evaluate wine phenolics during ageing.
Obtain tannin, anthocyanin, total phenol and colour measurements in grapes and wines with this user-friendly application. We store your data so that you can cross compare results from previous harvests.
Your data is also confidentially stored, but easy to access if you are a registered user. We provide access to global results and trends for grapes, fermenting must and wines.

Target Industries

Wine Industry

Innovation Status

PhenoLab is available for commercial use.
For more information see the website or contact us.


Commercial use of PhenoLab
Partnering opportunities for labs providing services in the wine industry. Contact us if you would like to include PhenoLab into your offering.

Available for licensing



Ian van Zyl