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Do you ever wish you could run your business ideas past someone with extensive experience in the business world? Imagine the questions you could ask if you were granted just 30 minutes with a true visionary in South Africa’s corporate environment.

Now stop imagining and start preparing your questions: the Innovus Acceleration Hour programme gives Stellenbosch University students access to a wide range of business leaders in South Africa, who have agreed to act as business mentors to our students.

How does it work?

Fill in the form, taking care to provide as much information about your business idea as possible, and also listing your most important questions. The more information you provide in advance, the better your mentor can prepare for the meeting with you. Rest assured that all information you submit is treated as highly confidential.

What next?

Once we’ve received your request, we’ll allocate you a 30-minute slot with one of our business mentors. Your meeting with them will take place at the Innovus offices at 15 De Beer Street, Stellenbosch. Come prepared with your list of questions and lots of passion for your idea. Please remember to observe basic etiquette – you’re not allowed to ask your mentor for funding or for a job.

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