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Inventor portal

Are you an SU staff member or student with an innovation or business idea based on your work or studies at Stellenbosch University? Do you have research outputs that could positively impact society?

Before you publish or disclose the information to anyone outside the University, contact Innovus. Innovus is the University’s division tasked with innovation and commercialisation, We have a team dedicated to helping you translate your research outcomes, innovations, and business ideas into products, services, or even spinout companies.

If you would like to find out more about how Innovus’ technology transfer team can assist you or if you have an innovation or business idea with commercial potential, schedule a discussion with one of our friendly team

We would love to learn more about your research, innovation, or business idea.

At Innovus we have the expertise and resources to help with the effective protection and commercialisation of your idea. Our processes are designed to assess the feasibility of your idea and to conduct initial market research and deciding on the most appropriate means of protection and finding industry leads relevant to your technology.

After protection has been sought, Licensing the innovation to an appropriate partner is one way of effecting commercialisation. We will assist you to source a viable partner, potential funding  and negotiate terms and conditions of commercial agreements on behalf of the university.  As inventor, or creator you may be eligible for receiving inventor incentive payments that are received as royalty payments from licensees of the technology.  More details are set out in the University IP Policy.

Another route for commercialisation is the incorporation of a university start-up. Innovus will assist you with the process of starting a new spin-out company.

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