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Innovus supports Stellenbosch University’s researchers, students and staff members who wish to commercialise their research output or inventions. This is done by licensing intellectual property rights to an industry partner, or by the formation of a spin-out company. All the technologies listed below are available for Innovus Instant Access Licensing, which fast-tracks the licensing process considerably.

Innovus commercialises and assists with the further development of technologies which meet specific industry needs. Numerous research outputs from Innovus have been developed into fully-fledged spin-out companies, which have benefited from our unique suite of services, including incubator facilities, access to business mentors, limited seed funding and legal advice, among others.

Please note: these technologies are only for investing/licensing opportunities. These technologies are not for sale. If you are interested in investing/licensing, please contact the TTO associated with the technology.

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Our Processes

The TT Office manages the University’s innovation and intellectual property portfolio through seeking relevant intellectual protection for the universities intellectual property portfolio such as patenting, trademark, design and other forms of protection. The team is also responsible for the management of the portfolio and the commercialisation of innovation through licensing and the formation of spin-out companies.

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Innovus has received permission from Autm to showcase this video on their website. Please visit or for more information about technology transfer.

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