World IP Day

World IP Day

World Intellectual Property Day - April 26, '22

IP and Youth: Innovation for a better future.

Every April 26, World Intellectual Property Day is celebrated to learn about the role that intellectual property (IP) rights play in encouraging innovation and creativity. Each year has a different theme.
World IP Day 2022 focussed on IP and Youth: Innovating for a Better Future where the light shines on young inventors, creators and entrepreneurs and how they can use intellectual property (IP) rights to achieve their goals, generate income, create jobs, tackle local and global challenges and support community and national development. 

School Outreach

The annual theme of WIPO fell within the annual Kids IP Day theme.  WIPO and LESI signed a MOU in 2021 and agreed on shared initiatives.  The Kids IP Day video, launched on 17 March 2022 was shared with various schools as a joint Kids IP Day/World IP Day celebration.  Various schools around Stellenbosch and Somerset West were invited to share World IP Day and the information presentation was provided for use.  The video can be viewed here. 

We hope to reach some of the schools later this year in person when they are hosting their entrepreneurs days in the third semester. 

World IP Day 2022 THI & Innovus collaboration: Entrepreneurship and deal making - young SMEs

As part of the journey of innovation, entrepreneurs and business creators should know how to negotiate the best deal for their business. Our TTO Director, Dr Kleyn started the World IP Day Journey in Ingolstadt, Germany where she ran a deal negotiation course on 26 and 27 April and we share here with you a glimpse of the entrepreneurs dealmaking experience.

Entrepreneur businesses of Stellenbosch

Innovus had a different approach this year and planned a virtual entrepreneur tour.  Stellenbosch University entrepreneurs and start-ups show case their businesses and/or projects. We invite you on this journey with us. 

Support our young entrepreneurs in their innovative journey