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The Stellenbosch Network, a non-profit organisation and proud initiative of I&C, works very closely with I&C and specifically the LaunchLab to actively create networks and to link academics, students, not for profit organisations, large and small companies, the Municipality and various other stakeholders in Stellenbosch.

I&C has the sole mandate from SU to, in consultation with affected faculties and PASS environments, manage and commercialise all business opportunities of SU including the use of facilities.

This division operates in compliance with SU policies and regulations and is also the custodian of the following SU Policies and Regulations:

  1. Protection and Commercialisation of Intellectual Property Policy of Stellenbosch University(PCIPP)
  2. Policy in Respect of the Presentation of Short Courses at Stellenbosch University;
  3. Policy in Respect of the Use and Licensing of Stellenbosch University’s Trademarks;
  4. Short Term Rental Policy;
  5. Innovus regulations for the internal innovation fund (R777); and
  6. Regulations for Commercialisation at SU.
  7. Longer Term Rental Policy
  8. Mobility Plan
  9. Regulations for addressing intellectual property infringement and non-compliance of SU’s PCIPP
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